Challenge and opportunity of FSMP in China are coming

2018/08/03|Challenge and opportunity of FSMP in China are coming

Numerous food or pharmaceutical companies are eyeing on the FSMP niche market in Mainland China. FSMP represents foods for special medical purpose regulated by CFDA (now part of SAMR) under FSMP regulation.

Until Jul 24, 2018, according to a rough estimate, there are more than 100 formulations submitted and the number of the approved is only 12, publicly rejected number is 6. Among the 12 approved FSMP, 10 out of 12 are FSMP intended for infants and 75% are imported products.

The blank areas in the market represent unlimited market opportunities here in Mainland China. The application of FSMP registration, however, is time-consuming. But it is possible to get approval while mind of investment is needed for sure. We can help the application of FSMP. You are welcome to contact with us via

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