Facing New Coronavirus Era

2020/05/19|Facing New Coronavirus Era

The most shocking black swan phenomenon in 2020 should be the coronavirus event affect the economics in all countries. What can we do regarding this? To expand the originally markets (customers) via ecommerce platform (system) is the most effective way to choose for most of the companies. To getting into new countries will be the most attractive point via cross-board ecommerce system. We, however, would like to remind the potential clients what you got to prepare before you get into the merging market that you are not familiar with are shown as below.

1.To learn more about the new market via market research/survey/consumer study.

2.To learn more about the sensory acceptability/perceptions on your products from the local folks.

3.To make sure that your products comply with the local regulations.

We do provide all these services for you.