Official Statement from SCG on Faked Certificates

2020/11/24|Official Statement from SCG on Faked Certificates

We had been asked by several international buyers whether some commodities been approved by USFDA or not and lead us to find there are unscrupulous vendors tampered/counterfeited their own fake certificates by utilizing the certificates on FDA facility registration that we issued to our customers. The name of the company and the address of the company are all faked ones. The faked certificates employ, however, our clients' registration number, our legal agent, our company name, websites, telephones, and the signature of our chief consultant on.

These behaviors have been involved in copyright Infringements, law-breaking on forged documents, reputation damages. We are collecting evidence to take actions on lawsuit filing to these unscrupulous vendors at this stage.

At the meantime, we also urge international buyers not to be scammed by these unscrupulous vendors. If you have any question on the validity of FDA registration documents that issue by us, you are welcome to contact us via We will respond to your question.