Breaking Through! Big step in Taiwan for novel ingredient

2020/12/16|Breaking Through! Big step in Taiwan for novel ingredient

Regulation compliance is important for launching in any market. Communication with the authorities is quite critical for those new/innovative cases on non-traditional/innovative/novel ingredients. Lobby procedure is not common in Taiwan (actually, it is not common for the Chinese culture) as it is usually related to negative term.

This time, SCG have a big step (consigned by an international company for her innovative ingredient), organized a lobby workshop to the committee members of GMO task group (all experts from research units) of TFDA.

The workshop was held on 10th Dec. 2020 in Taipei. The total number of the members for the committee is 21. Eight experts of them attended and expressed their opinions based on the regulation requirements and suggestions based on the current technical documents provided by the client.

Though there are several technical documents need to be amended, the pathway and the documents required are clear from the opinions raised by all experts. It is a successful lobby workshop. SCG set up a good model that can be conducted in the future to communicate with members before the application dossier on non-traditional/innovative/novel ingredients being sent to TFDA.