Your RRRC Partner in the Greater China Areas

2021/02/03|Your RRRC Partner in the Greater China Areas

Your RRRC Partner in the Greater China Areas

Regulation compliance will be the key step during product trade (even technology trade) procedure. A local reliable and efficient regulation compliance service provider will be critical for this key step, especially for any international company wants to launch her products on the certain local market.

We are your Reliable Regional Regulatory Compliance partner here in the Greater China Areas. Our expert team covers the fields of foods/functional foods/food supplements, cosmetics/personal cares, and medicals devices/products.

Our services are Professional, Value-Added, and Rigorous. Value and Quality will be much important that just pricing cost. Please contact us via as you would like to lean more.

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Regulation Compliance in the in the Greater China Areas

Company must get certification of the product first before they put the product with the functional claim on the market.

Do you want to open the market in Taiwan for your novel food ingredient ?

Want to know updates regarding cosmetics compliance with TFDA?