NMPA had published [Regulations for the Application & Acceptance of Cosmetics Administrative Approval]. It covers two categories for cosmetic products. They are general cosmetics and special-use cosmetics. The special-use cosmetics including the cosmetics with functional claims or special usages (medical cosmetics in other countries). The special-use cosmetics need to be registered with NMPA (to get the approval) while the general cosmetics need to be filed (Notification) with local Medical Products Administration.

  Cosmetic Products Management in China

Want to know updates regarding cosmetics (beauty care,skincare,personal care,hair care products etc. ) compliance in China?

  Though the general cosmetics are easier to get the notification. To prepare the dossier (13 different documents) including safety evaluation still be sort of complicated for whom is not familiar with the system.

  According to regulations of [Administrative approval for imported special-use cosmetics], special-use cosmetics must be registered and get permit before being sold in China. The requirements of registration are similar with the systems of medicine. If the applicant is not familiar with the regulation in China, or needs technical assistance during all the related application procedures, it is a good idea to hire professional consultants to help.

Our services include :

 Classification of cosmetic products according to the NMPA regulation

 Preparation and/or review of product information file and dossier

 Guidance on labeling requirements & labeling review

 General-use cosmetic products notification

 Special-use cosmetic products registration

 Special-use cosmetic products advertising permission

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