Facing the regulations for food sector in China

General Food

An article titled [China's food sector: Is there room left for the little guys?] published on FoodNavigator-Asia.com expressed the Chinese regulations are hurdles to foreign companies.

Is this true that so called [protectionist]? We believe it is not only protectionist can be the explanation. It is more like [cultural gap], we will say. The regulations for food sector in EU and USA is also very hard to understand or realize to Asian industry. For example, the regulatory requirement on animal tests for cosmetics into EU is quite ridiculous to the cosmetic industry in Asia. As long as you find right expert to help you all the dossier and procedures, these are not hurdles, are opportunities to you.

China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA/SAMR) is the competent authority of surveillance, approval and registration of general foods, functional foods, cosmetics, and medical devices in China. Staff of SCG , who had been trained and work with CFDA/SAMR experts, has the expertise and the experience to help companies to list their functional foods, cosmetics, and medical device products and to comply with the regulations. We are also familiar with general foods regulations and advertising regulations.

Therefore, SCG regulation team can help you in exporting the general foods, functional foods, cosmetics, and medical devices to China on the regulation compliance consultancy, including pre-market registration, approval, as well as post-market surveillance compliance.

Food Regulatory Consulting Services

  • Ingredients (formula) and Label Review
  • Feasibility Assessment Report for importing the item
  • Regulation Compliance Consultancy
  • Additives New Application
  • New Ingredients

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