One More Touchdown ! Successful listing novel ingredient on Non-traditional food ingredient list of TFDA

Newton Yau

Do you want to open the market in Taiwan for your novel food ingredient ?
What if your local commercial agent being not familiar with the TFDA application ?

We can help you to get the approval letter if you have all needed supporting documents!

Here comes the freshest approval letter from TFDA we just got for the international client.

Freshest AL from TFDA

As described in the picture, the application was filed on 2018/03/28 and got this approval letter on 2018/05/30. It looks only took 2 months to get the approval letter. It, however, worthy to note that it took almost 6 months (Sept. 2017~Mar. 2018) to discuss with/explain to/communicate with our client on the technical documents that necessary for the application dossier preparation, as well as the POV that we should put into the attachment 1 in order to convince the reviewers of TFDA.

Our expert team will stand on the POV of the TFDA reviewers first to help our client to prepare the dossier enough.

Our experience shown that if you follow the application requirements from TFDA and meet the application evaluation criteria (scientific evidence) set by TFDA, you will not have problem to get the approval. If you do not follow the application procedure or you do not have enough scientific evidence to support your product is really safe to be a food ingredient, then, of course, you will not get the approval or feel hard to get one.

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